13 June 2007

Home: 2rvg

I finally purchased a good camera (Samsung NV10), and I have taken a couple of pictures of my home here. I live in a building called 2rvg, at 2 River Valley Grove (pretty clever, huh?). As its name suggest, River Valley cuts through the Singapore River Valley, starting at Boat Quay near the mouth of the river and winding up towards Orchard Road, the main retail/expat artery in Singapore, before turning west and then finally south to cross the river and become Delta Road. River Valley Grove is just east of the last southward turn, in the center of an oasis in the city. At the street level, densely bunched trees turn the urban area into a nice green area, one of the many respites from the sight of concrete and steel that seemingly is at every turn. This provides a nice contrast to the view I get from my top floor apartment, one of the city centre reminiscent of something in New York.
The interior is very modern, sparsely furnished. I have a couch and a coffee table, with a media stand, built-in bookshelves, and a television. The kitchen table rolls out from a concealed position under the kitchen countertop. The floor is white tile (I'd like to call it marble), while the floors in the bedrooms are dark teak-colored wood. I have a new house cleaner, and she polishes the wood floors with something that makes the floors like ice! It is hazardous to walk on them (even barefooted - I never wear shoes past the front door; when in Rome...), and you have to remember to make sure your foot is firmly planted when you get out of bed, or you'll go flying. I will take some more pictures of the interior and post them, but for starters, here is my view.

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