25 April 2007


One of Singapore's shopping wonders is the store, Mustafa's. It is a massive department store (really, everything store) in Little India. It has everything you could want - clothes (t-shirts to nice clothes), electronics (stereos, cameras, TVs, phones, and so on), jewelry (tons of gold), even groceries (fresh produce and seafood). You can get food from all over the place - I got some great date cookies from Saudi Arabia (sort of like Fig Newtons, only with dates). It has its own travel agency, and it has a large currency exchange operation. I wouldn't be surprised if it had a bank and an investment advisory, as well. Since it is so big, it uses its leverage with suppliers and can offer great prices. Because of this, it is one of the few places in Singapore where the price listed is non-negotiable.

It really is huge: it takes up an entire block and is several storeys high. It is very easy to get lost! What is amazing, however, is that it is open 24 hours a day, and it is always busy. It is a perfect place to visit after having coffee in one of the 24 hour cafes in nearby Arab Street (the Malay/Muslim section of town) or if you have just returned from abroad and your internal clock is not quite on Singapore time. I heard stories that Indians will fly through Singapore and schedule a few hour layover, just so they can go to Mustafa's and shop. It really is a local landmark. http://www.mustafa.com.sg/index.asp

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