25 April 2007

Food: Erich's

So, I take a stroll through Chinatown last Sunday to check out the night market, but my mind was on an interesting point I noticed on the map: Erich's Wuerstelstand. This turns out to be an Austrian guy in a little food hawker stall cooking German sausages. Although I was surrounded by every kind of Chinese food you can imagine, I had a bratwurst. It was delicious. Apparently, Erich has been around for a long time, and his food is pretty popular. He grills them on a George Foreman-type grill (his stall is really no bigger than an office cubicle). The brat was better than any I've had in Dallas (well, except for the ones I cook at SMU pre-game festivities). It is a nice escape, if ever one wants a taste of the Old Country (Fatherland?). Photo courtesy of keropok.com.


Doug said...

The Berghoff of the East. I hope you will have time for some travels while you are there. I plan on seeing New Zealand , Australia, and China. Then on to Italy and home. Still in the early stages of planning. Next April will be my window.

I am glad the food is good. I'm told the Peking Shuckey Duckey is to die for.

Your Applehead Cuz

Anonymous said...

Those SMU brats were tasty!