20 January 2008

Travel: Australia, Part 2 - Bondi Beach

We had some time left before our trip back to the airport, so it was off to Bondi Beach. Located to the southeast of the city, this long, crescent-shaped beach is a popular spot for Sydneysiders and visitors alike. It can offer world-class surf and attracts enthusiasts from around the globe looking for good waves.

The waves were not spectacular when we visited, and few surfers were out. Being the first summer-like weekend day of the season, however, the place was jam-packed. Free stretches of sand were few and far between, and it took us several frustrating minutes to find a parking spot, which we did a few blocks away from the beach-side parking area. I did not have my swimmers with me, so I went only ankle-deep into the water. We did walk the length of the beach and enjoyed the weather and watching everyone have fun. There would be more opportunities for the beach in front of us.

After that, it was off to the airport to pick up the other two visitors to the Kays home over new year. The couple had just made the transition from boyfriend-girlfriend to fiance/ees over the previous few days, so that set a festive mood for the entire holiday. Congrats to Sean and Kristen!

We headed back to the Kays home, located in the leafy suburb of St. Ives. Kimmy and the boys were there to greet us (Andrew, Joseph, and Michael), along with Leon and Lenny, two cute dachshunds with nervous bladders. I learned to approach them slowly and not hold them too close. Kimmy, true to her reputation as a top-notch hostess, made her famous margaritas, and it was time to relax. After so much hustle and bustle, it was nice to sit on the back patio, watch the boys enjoy the pool, and relax with good friends.

It wasn't too long after dinner, however, that my three nights of traveling hit me - hard. While I had slept some on the airplanes, I had not actually been horizontal in approximately 70 hours, and I was whipped. Joseph had been nice enough to give up his room to me during my stay, and his little twin bed was the most comfortable thing in which I had ever lain. I think I was out before the lights were off. Which is a good thing, as the next day was to be full of activities.

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