10 December 2007

Travel: Bali

I had not decided to go to Bali with Mom and Dad until the week before their trip. They had a 9:15 am flight on Singapore Air, and I booked the same airline, but on the 7:00 pm flight. I thought I would stand by, so I rode the taxi with them to arrive at the airport around 7:30 am. Well, I got to the front of the line, and they said the flight was already oversold by 31. If I wanted to stand by, it was unlikely I would get on the flight, and I would have to stay within the security area for nearly 12 hours. I told Mom and Dad goodbye and was headed home, when I decided to ask once more. I was told this time that it looked a lot better (they had switched the plane from a 777 to a 747), so I thought I would chance it. Thank goodness I did - I found Mom and Dad and was able to get on the flight. That gave me an extra day in Bali, which was perfect.

We arrived to a very hot noonday sun, and after a short taxi ride, we were at our hotel. Now, I am all for going exploring, seeing as much as there is to see. But, when I walked into the hotel, I said, "I'm not going anywhere." There was a pool. There was a bar. There was a beach. There was a bar on the beach. There was a bar in the pool. We checked in, and Dad and I went down to check out the pool.

And bar. After satisfying our curiosity about the quality of the local brew, Bintang, Dad headed to get Mom, and I headed to the beach. Which is where I sat, looking at the water and the various jets taking off (the airport was on a jetty just a couple of miles away), sometimes going for a dip and a body surf. But mainly, I just sat there. Mom and Dad joined me for a sit, as well.

We had a great view of the brilliant sunset.

And we made friends with one of the waiters, so it was a perfect day.

The next day was more of the same. Sit, swim, sit, have a refreshment, sit, nap. All the while soaking in the breezy day. I have not done more of nothing in a long time. And although I had to leave early the next morning to be back at work, my two days there were well worth it.

One interesting note: I went for a walk early the next morning along the beach. I had noticed earlier a wide swath of sand that looked as if it had been groomed, just as you walked down onto the beach. During my walk, I discovered how they did it - a hotel employee was prodding along two cows (they looked more like water buffaloes) who were dragging a grooming device which looked quite similar to those used on basepaths. It really was a mixture of new and old. Unfortunately, I did not get any pictures of these guys!

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